September 1, 2016

Woodland Hills, CA

Zeyger Insurance Services, LLC has officially launched its first phase of online tools for its California operations. The new website is one of the first tools that will form a full service virtual platform for Zeyger clients. Phase one includes immediate online access to certificates* and bidding tools. After extensive testing, development and implementation, is stable and functional.

Phase 2, a web based CRM style software that allows Zeyger clients access to insurance documents in an easy to use, cloud based solution is currently in BETA testing and is scheduled to go live within the year. Phase 2 progress will be documented on further news entries on

Phase 3, a mobile platform is currently under development. Release dates are unknown, however, the development team is optimistic of a future release date approximately 24 months from today’s entry. Again, developments will be documented under the “Blog” section of